Warranty Conditions

1. The period of warranty is five (5) years starting with the delivery of the product to the customer.

2. The whole products including all parts ( expect for electryty parts) are under our company’s warranty

3. In case of the break down of the product during the warranty period, the time of repair will be added to the the warranty time. The duration of repair can not be longer than 30 days

4.In case of the repair time exceeds 45 days, the manufacturer-producer or the importer is obligated to provide another product with the similar functions to the consumer. Duration starts with the notify of the malfunction to the service station or the seller, dealer,representatives, importer or manufacturer-producer. Consumers may contact for the malfunction via fax, e-mail, registered and reply paid post mail
or similar ways. Anyhow, in case of discrepancy, obligation to proof belongs to the consumer

5. In warranty period, If the product is damaged because of metarial and
labourship or even assembly mistake, the maintenance will be completed without any labourship cost or the cost of changing part or any cost named different.

6. Despite of the consumer uses his/her maintenance right;

a. Starting from the date of delivery of the product to the customer, at least 4 times of break downs in a year or 6 times of break down during the warranty time that manufacturer or importer determines or unavailabilty of usage of this product because of these break downs;

b. Exceeding of the maintenance period as written at user manual,

c. if one of Authorized Seller, Dealer, Agent, Representative’s with / without other tecnical service close to that area, determines the damage is unfixable or out of order, the product will be changed with the new one or the damage cost will be reimbursed to the customer

7. The damages which occured by the using instructions out of the user manual are out of warranty

8. You can apply to The Ministry of Customs and Trade Directorate General for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance for the problems related with warranty


The warranty given from our company, doesn’t cover any damage
caused by irregular usage but also the conditions given below.

. Any damages that may occur during moving and handling if made by non-authorized service personnel

. Any damages or breakdowns caused by irregular carrying out,loading up and moving up after the delivery of product to the consumer

. Any damages which may occur due to non-compliance with user’s guide

•Any damage or breakdowns caused by naturel disasters such as earthquake, fire, stream etc

. Any damage or breakdowns caused by usage not as written in the
user manual

Damages occured by the reason above, will be repaired with a free. The necessity of giving the warranty certificate of the product to the consumer belongs to the seller, dealer, agent or representative. The damaged warranty certificates are counted as invalid. Do not remove the labels on your product. Because the information on the label is needed for the validity of the warranty. Keep your warranty certificate with
the receipt or a copy of the receipt. These information will be asked by our service incase of your service request.

1. Your product should be assembled on a clean and flat surface. The assembly should be started up upon the priority of the instructions showed in user manual.

2. Don’t put any material or equipment, which can let any damage with the effect of the heat.

3. The screws and joints should be controlled by squeezing them again after the assembly is completed. Please make sure that your furniture well balanced and adjust your wardrobe’s caps again when you replace your furniture.

4. Do not put more weights determined into the products, inside drawers, on shelves and surface. Do not use products other than intended use

5. Keep away your products from dirty, moist and direct-sunshine areas

6. Please clean your furniture with furniture cleaners, liquid soap or a cleaning cloth damped with water

7.Keep away your products from dirty, moist and direct-sunshine areas.
Do not put any material or equipment , which can let any damage with the effect of the heat (iron, kettle etc.) on or near your product.

8.Do not drag your product while replacing it. Move them by lifting up carefully and do not let it contact anywhere or as disassemble it before relocating.
9.Do not let any kind of liquid, contact with electrical components

10.Disconnect the cables between electric sockets and products before relocating the products. Leave the power cables somewhere safe after disconnecting

11.Chromium-Nickel-plated parts stored in dry conditions does not change
color or rust. Wipe the Chrome-Nickel-plated products with a dry cloth after cleaning with a wet cloth.

12.Don’t stick any sticker label and / or posters on the product surface

13. The color tone can be the different on the furnitures produced on different date. Color and pattern difference may be caused by natural gradation of the coating. In addition, the age of the tree, vein structure climate difference may cause color tone difference. This should not be seen as a production error.

14.When using the bed base, make sure that the base is fully extended
Do not place anything into the bed base by entering into it.
•Do not step on to the base without a matress on it.
•Make sure that bed base with gas-spring lockers is locked when you lift the cover
•Don’t force the cover down if it is locked. First push it up and make sure that you hear the sound of ‘’click’’ and then lower the cover down.
•Lift up the bed base cover and lock the safety latch on the bed bases which dont have self-lock system. Do not do any process before remove the safety latch. Always remove the safety latch before closing bed base.
•Products with chest and and bed function should be used cautiously. During the opening and closing of bed base with storage , metal handles must be used while lifting.
•Do not load more than the specified on the information label into the bed base.
•Please pay attention to matress which will be used on the bedstead must be compatible with the bedstead or bed base’s dimensions.

•Do not leave your furniture with stains. Nearly all stains can be removed
when are wiped immediately before getting dry. Contact with heat, light
and air fixes the stain and makes the removal of strain difficult. It is even
easy to remove the hardest stains when they are new.
•Wipe the dirt and stains on the leather and fabrics of your sitting groups
with the fabric and the solution supplied by the furniture or by a warm cleaning
fabric which does not lose its color. Definitely do not use chemical
substances such as thinner, acetone, shampoo, cologne, detergent in order
to remove these kinds of dirt and stains. These chemicals may irreversibly damage the leather and upholstery fabrics.
•Apply the cleanser to the complete product in the same manner after
you have finished removing the stain, otherwise a stain shall occur on the cleaned part.
•Do not use vacuum cleaners on your sitting groups. The vacuum cleaner
may damage the leather and fabric parts of your sitting groups because
of friction.
•Do not perform these processes if dry cleaning may be applied or washable markings are not attached.
•Do not apply destroying materials such as hard sponge, brush when
cleaning the leather and fabrics of your sitting group.
•Dry the poured liquid on the cloth by the help of a piece of soft dry fabric or paper towel. Wipe gently and dry. Do not expose to direct sun light during drying.
2•Use leather maintenance set for the cleaning and maintenance of our
products furnished by genuine leather.
•Do not use cleansers including concentrated chemicals for the cleaning of the metal accessories of our products.

NOTE: The provided cleaning information are advisory. The result may
not be the same for all fabrics and stains. For the stains that you failed to remove at home, please apply to expert cleaning companies.