Dear consumers, we strongly recommend that you read the following articles so that you can use your product safely and for a long time. Even if a valid warranty certificate is presented, the warranty conditions are invalid if the following considerations contained in the product's operating manual are not followed. For Safer Use,read the user manual to the end, carefully follow the warnings specified in the manual and the order of operation shown in the assembly diagram. Ensure that all components of the product are adequately secured during assembly. 

  • 1- Avoid using Messe Home products designed to meet your needs outside of their functions.
  • 2- Do not open all drawers at the same time so that the product balance of our multi-drawer products such as laundry is not disturbed.
  • 3- Avoid applying excessive weight to and on the product and leaning on objects of weight that may disrupt the balance of the product.
  • 4- Make sure that the brakes are turned off when you do not have the products on Wheels.
  • 5- Keep products away from extremely hot, wet and humid environment and do not leave them under sunlight for a long time.Protect from flammable,acidic, plotter and hard materials.
  • 6- Do not forget that self-adhesive objects and labels may be harmful to the continuity of product surface quality.
  • 7- Clean the surfaces of Messe Home products with a dry or dampened cloth.
  • 8- In case of cover sagging, which may occur over time in Lid products, loosen the hinges and tighten the covers again after snapping them into place.
  • 9- It is mandatory to use the base safety lock while the base is open in base cots. Our company cannot be held responsible for the problem that may occur if the base safety lock is not used.

  • 1- In the process of transporting the product to a remote location, take care that it is transported so that it will not be damaged by disassembling and packaging its parts.For re-Assembly, place the product on the floor in a place with a smooth floor and follow the order of operation in the assembly diagram with two people and make it with the most appropriate hand tools
  • 2- Messe Home furniture products in the same space when moving the items inside,removable shelves and drawers should be removed and moving parts should be moved with at least two people facing up.
  • 3- Make sure that the floor surface is smooth in the place where the product is installed
  • 4- Do not move the products by pushing them in the transport system.